Healing Testimonies

These are letters and emails we’ve received from around the world. All glory goes to God. We are humbled every time we read a new letter and further discover what God is accomplishing through our ministry. Be encouraged as you read through these powerful healing testimonies.

God is still healing today!

God wants you to have your own healing testimony. God is NOT a respecter of persons. God wants you to understand the authority He has given YOU over the power of sickness and disease. If you are a Christian, God has made you a divine healing transmitter. Not only does God want you healed, He also wants to use you to help others experience their own healing testimonies. Click Here to read “The Struggle Is Over eBook,” our study guide on divine healing!

Healing testimony from Teresa

Kidney Stones Gone!

I was in tremendous pain from kidney stones which were too large to pass. Pastor David and Charity prayed for me and all the pain left. When tested again, the doctor said there were no more large stones! Praise the Lord!

Also, my sister's toe turned black. Fearing gangrene since she is diabetic, I prayed for her foot and God healed her!

Teresa Coatesville, PA July 5, 2014

3rd Degree Burns Healed

After listening to Pastor David teach on healing, I gained the confidence to pray for my elderly mother who had 3rd degree burns on her hands and arm. She'd gone to the doctor but nothing was healing them. In fact they grew worse. I laid my hands on her and prayed. God began healing her right before our eyes! By the next day her skin was pink and new. Amazing! Praise God!

Jean Honey Brook, PA July 5, 2014

Chest Pain Healed

I had been suffering with pain in my chest for some time. God miraculously healed me as I was sitting in one of our church services, just receiving the Word of God through Pastor David's preaching. No one even had to pray for me. Halleluia!

Albertha Coatesville, PA July 5, 2007

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Three Herniated Discs Healed

Dear Pastor Dave,

I was experiencing lower back pain on and off for some time. Laying down and sitting were my worst positions. I went to my doctor and he ordered an MRI and nerve test. The tests showed three herniated discs that were pressing on my nerve. An orthopedic surgeon tried pain medicine and physical therapy. That didn’t help. They gave me a shot in my back and the relief only lasted three days. They told me that my only choice was back surgery. Then I came to Strong Faith Family Church. I read your book, “The Struggle is Over” and claimed the scriptures in the book. On July 16th 2006 you and a few others from the church prayed for me and I was healed! I could bend, twist, and stretch without any pain. Since then I've had several other healing testimonies also. I have received healing of a rash on my face. In addition healing of my ears, my knee, and my heart. I am no longer on heart medicine! Glory be to God!

Georgine Coatesville, PA July 16, 2006

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10 Year Condition Healed

I was in need of healing for a 10 year on-going problem. God healed me while Brother David was preaching. I was simply sitting in the service when God healed me. Today I am totally set free! God also healed my wife's back too! This ministry has changed our lives!

Robert Byron, IL July 5, 2006

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Answering God’s Call

For a long time I knew God's call for my life was to heal the sick.  But how? God has used Pastor David to show me!  Today, I am humbled to say that God is using ME to heal the sick! Thank God for this ministry!

Penny Byron, IL July 5, 2005

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Inguinal Hernia Healed

I suffered from an inguinal hernia that was literally sticking out of my side. The hernia was about the size of a softball. While being ministered to the hernia began to shrink instantly. By Sunday morning the hernia was completely gone! I am so moved by the faithfulness and love of God. Thank you Jesus!

Gladys Orlando, FL July 5, 2004

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Changed my Life and Ministry

Dear Pastor David,

Really words cannot describe what has happened to me through this ministry. Of all the missionaries I have met there is no one like "Pastor Dave." God has given you such understanding and insight into the root problem of things. But you not only identify the problem, you have answers! I am no longer satisfied with preaching only. You taught me to expect corresponding manifestations because the Manifester, the Holy Spirit, is dwelling in me. My life and ministry has changed. You were so deeply touched and concerned about OUR success. You really touched my life and challenged me to seek excellence in ministry. I will never remain the same. You made a “mark” in my life.

Rev. Ephraim River of Life Church December 13, 2003

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I’m Now Seeing People Healed

Dear Pastor David,

Your healing school changed my life! It began with the healing of my wife. She was very sick for over two weeks. After your classes I went home and laid hands on her and prayed. She got healed! This has spread to our church services. Speaking in tongues is now a normal Christian practice in my life. May God continue to use you in the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. For you are called to evangelize and make the word of God practical. Thank you.

Pastor Emma Kelly Christ Representatives Ministries December 3, 2003

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Restoring a Pastor’s Ministry

Sitting under Pastor David I began to understand that the life, nature, and ability of God is in me to demonstrate the power of God’s Word without excuses. David challenged my Christian life and has created in me a hunger to know God more. I’ve grown so much.

After David’s classes I visited a pastor friend of mine living in Aba. He was downcast because of severe heart pain and a painful stomach ulcer. He had fasted, prayed, been prayed for by other ministers, visited the hospital for treatment—all without positive result. He told me his ministry has been paralyzed as a result of his sickness. He felt that there may be a link between his sickness and his ancestral sins and curses. I began to share with him that he is a new creation in Christ! A born again child of God (2 Cor. 5:17). That every rule, ordinance, regulation, and handwriting of curses against him has been nailed to the cross and broken (Col 2:15; Gal 3:13). That his spiritual birth, like his physical birth, marked a new beginning for him. He has a new father, new home, new family, and new identity! Since his sins have been forgiven and forgotten, healing is now his—but he needs to believe and act on the Word of God for his miracle. This brightened him up and led him to immediate confession and repentance. I laid hands on him and released the life of God and he was released from his sickness. He has since resumed his ministry’s work. Praise the Lord! I thank God for this ministry.

Pastor Samuel Nigeria, Africa December 1, 2003

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Pure Word Bible College Testimony

Pastor David's courses at Pure Word Bible College in Aba, Nigeria opened my eyes. I came to understand that as a pastor my job description includes healing the sheep, not only feeding them. From the day Rev. David introduced his course on “The Healing Minister,” divine healings followed me wherever I ministered, unlike before.  I have already recorded over 10 serious cases of divine healings, and there have been many others. Just this week we have seen three healings in our church:

(1)    A man healed of Malaria,
(2)    Another person’s eyes were healed,
(3)    And a lady was healed of Pneumonia.

Glory be to God!

Pastor William Nigeria, Africa December 1, 2003

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Tuberculosis Healed

Dear Pastor David,

I want to share my testimony with you on how God healed my wife of a deadly disease called tuberculosis. It all began two weeks after giving birth to our baby boy. It started with a high fever that developed into a serious cough, which led to a series of tests and x-rays. The doctors diagnosed her with tuberculosis, heart failure, fast breathing, and a liver condition. The liver condition led to swollen legs and a swollen stomach. During your visit to Africa the miraculous healing hand of God has been upon her. She was healed the same month!

Brother Abel Nigeria, Africa November 30, 2003

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Freed from Reoccurring Attacks

Dear Pastor Dave,

I was privileged to attend your classes at Pure Word Bible College on Zoe, Divine Healing, and the Pauline Revelation. Your teaching on “zoe,” from your book “Eternal Life our Identity in Christ,” brought a wonderful healing to my body! I would have a constant fever every eight week period. As a minister this was a challenge, which I needed out of the way. I learned that this life could be received in sufficient measure in the soul and body through a constant consciousness of its benefits. Before I knew it, as you were teaching, the fever left and the strength of God took over. I have come to appreciate God for who He is, what He has done, and who He has made us in Christ. It has become impossible for me to preach and teach without demonstrating the Word of God with signs following. I am grateful and believe that even greater things are ahead. Thank you.

Pastor Chijioke Nigeria, Africa November 12, 2003

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Cataract Healed

Two weeks ago I received healing prayer for both me and my cat. I asked for my cataract to leave and for my cat to be healed. But the next day I could see a difference in my vision. The more I praised God; the better I could see! The cataract is gone and my cat is regaining great strength and vigor day by day!

Edith Tennessee, USA March 28, 2002

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Fractured Skull Healed

I received prayer for Breroni, a six year-old girl who had hit her head and was in ICU with a skull fracture. This was at 1:14 pm. Within the hour I got a call from the hospital. The doctor changed the report. Breroni's skull was no longer fractured and she was being released to go home. Glory to God!

Adellso California, USA March 25, 2002

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Healing Class

Dear David,

It was a spiritual inspiration to be able to participate in your healing class. I know now that the Lord has given us His healing power and authority. You are a great vessel in my life. May the Lord flourish inside of you so that you may bring us messages from Him. For He has blessed you with reality, faith, trust, and most of all a loving nature. Bless you!

Sandy Pennsylvania, USA January 20, 2002

Other Powerful Healing Testimonies

Legs Restored – While ministering in a church in PA, a man named Dennis came forward for healing in his hips and legs. He had trouble walking and had been in that condition for 15 years. After ministering to him he was able to run back up the aisle, his hips and legs totally restored. After talking with him a few weeks later, he was praising God because he was able to use stairs again and even outrun his granddaughter!

Heart Healed – An elderly woman called, who had a cold and a heart rhythm that was too fast. We prayed and the cold was instantly healed. Her heartbeat was not yet normal. She was told to praise God for the next 10 minutes for healing her body, then call back. When she called back she said, “I did what you told me to do and everything happened just like you said it would!” She was completely healed by the power of God!

Skin Restored – In ministering to a woman with skin disease that caused burning, discoloration and open sores, all the burning left. She was directed to go look in a mirror and as she did the discoloration in her skin also left. The open sores were healing right before her eyes!

Parkinson’s Disease Healed – A man, well into the stages of Parkinson’s Disease, came to us. The man could not walk, except with the aid of someone helping him walk with a walker. The man was shaking very badly. We began to minister to him and the Lord revealed something to us about his lifestyle. As soon as we told the man, he began to weep before the Lord in repentance. We then laid hands on him. In just a few minutes the man stood straight up and held his hands out perfectly still! Praise the Lord! Parkinson’s Disease is NO match for our God!

Healing Testimonies from Hattiesburg, MS

“My eyes were healed! The burning and itching is gone!” – Cherri
“I had an enlarged thyroid and difficulty swallowing. God is great! I’m completely healed!” – Louise
“My leg was injured at football practice. God healed my leg. I’m now able to run again!” – Andrew
“My ears were healed by the power of God!” – Christine
“God healed my eyes! I’m no longer nearsighted!” – Rachel
“My eyes had been almost burned out for a month. They are now totally healed!” – Adam

Healing Testimonies from El Dorado, AR

These healing testimonies were submitted by the pastor where we ministered.

* A woman completely deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other was completely healed! She was able to hear even faint whispers through the ear that was totally deaf!
* A man came forward to receive Jesus into his heart for the first time. The man’s eyes were crossed but as he accepted Jesus into his heart God uncrossed his eyes!
* An older man came forward with an arm that was withered and contorted. The man’s arm could not be moved. The men of the church gathered around and began to pray for him. Pastor David grabbed his arm and God began to heal it. His elbow began to work, then his wrist, then his shoulder. A week later some of our church members saw the man. He started waving at them with the arm that was once contorted and withered! Glory be to God!
* Many back and shoulder problems were healed.
* Those with migraine headaches were healed.
* Two women were healed of Fibromyalgia. Another woman was healed of Bronchitis.

Healing Testimonies from Orlando, FL

These healing testimonies were submitted by the pastor where we ministered.

* Edgar was healed of arthritis!
* Alvaro’s right knee was healed!
* God touched Wila and healed her back!
* A man’s hearing in his right ear was restored!
* God healed Katherin’s back. He also healed her baby’s (Emivalentina’s) digestive system! As a result both Katherin and her husband gave their lives to Jesus!

Healing Testimonies from Africa

* On our missions trip to Nigeria, God healed many backs, ribs, chests, shoulders and necks!
* A man named Callistus was instantly healed of malaria!
* An elderly man’s leg grew out and for the first time in years he was able to run!
* God healed brother Abel’s wife, who was on her deathbed of tuberculosis, and raised her up!
* Several babies with various illnesses were healed. One who was sick since birth and the doctors could do nothing for!
* God touched an elderly lady with a hunched over back and for the first time in 5 years she was able to stand up straight again!
* God touched a little 6 year old handicapped child who was a mute (he never spoke a single word in his life). The child began to speak for the first time! Several weeks later he began learning his A,B,C’s!

We are seeing the miraculous on a continual basis. These are just a few of the things God is doing today. As healing testimonies keep coming in, we will post them as a reminder to all, “Jesus Christ is alive and working with those who will work with Him.”


  1. My son Judah was born with multiple challenges and given a week to live. God has sustained him and he is almost a year old. We are still standing for full healing in his heart, lungs, liver and his entire body. Praying for a healing of an inguinal hernia that had already been repaired by surgery but has re-appeared. Praying for his hips and legs to be created perfectly and to go into socket so his legs will function fully. Praying for growth restriction to go so that he can finally begin to grow. Thanks for all these wonderful testimonies. It helped this momma tonight.

    • StrongFaithFamilyChurch

      We are passing this along to our prayer team and are expecting a full recovery for your son. We are so glad these testimonies helped to encourage you in a time of need. Blessings!

  2. Praise the Lord. Its a great opportunity to have found this site and to know that God performs His healing work. My wife has got stomach ache that often puts her to agonizing pain, unbearable. Seems she has got some kind of stones in her stomach. Request your prayers that she be healed from this excruciating pains on her stomach. Her name is Rani from India

    • StrongFaithFamilyChurch

      We are happy that you found us! We will keep Rani in our prayers. We know the healing power of God is working mightily in her to bring about a healing and a cure.

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