Whispers: How to Hear from God

Whispers: How to Hear from God

Hearing from God is NOT hard; it’s easy once you understand the process. Following God will always lead you away from lack, trouble, and temptation. God will always lead you into peace, joy, abundance, protection, and provision! The truth is, “You are probably already hearing God’s voice, and you’re just not recognizing it.” In this series you will discover:

• Everyone experiences God’s voice a little bit differently.
• How to identify and overcome your major hindrances in hearing from God.
• There is an attitude that ensures you are receptive to God’s voice.
• The role worship plays in developing your capacity to recognize God’s voice.

God has promised us that He will lead us into the best possible outcome for every situation. You have a built in navigation system. Learn how to tap into God’s wisdom and hear God’s voice with pinpoint accuracy!

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