Sermons on Purpose & Destiny

Death To Selfie Part 1: The Selfie Self-Image

THE SELFIE SELF-IMAGE There are over 1 million selfies posted each day. 36% of people admit to altering their selfies. 14% admit to digitally enhancing them. Billions of selfies are deleted and retaken. The “Selfie” illustrates a conflict that exists between who we believe ourselves to be and who we want other people to see.…

Love Like Jesus Part 1

Love Like Jesus Part 1 Romans 5:5 (TLB) . . . God has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love. The Three Forms of Love: Eros—a selfish love based on physical traits. Philos—a friend love based on shared experiences. Agape—a divine love based on intimacy with God. Everything in life works when you…